Detoxing from Coffee? Try this Robust and Flavorful Caffeine-Free Alternative

I’m a self-proclaimed coffee addict.  I guess you could say I was destined to have an to be one since I was drinking it a kiddie cup at the tender age of five years old (long story).  Regardless, I’ve come to believe that it’s quite literally equivalent to a drug because I’m an absolute monster without my morning cuppa.  I’ve tried to detox on many occasions, but never make it more than a week.   If you’ve ever tried to quit caffeine, you’ll know how painful and uncomfortable it is.   Unbearable headaches and irritability aside, the worse part is that awful, persistent slump in energy as your body no longer has any stimulant to give you “false energy”.   Caffeinated beverages really do give us “false energy” by giving us that extra boost to work longer, complete more tasks, and stay up later–even when our bodies aren’t capable of (and perhaps shouldn’t) expend that amount of energy organically.   The more you increase your intake, the more your body becomes desensitized to the caffeine levels before eventually reaching a point of diminishing returns in energy.  At this point, you’re already in too deep–you’re completely and utterly addicted, and you really don’t want to stop for fear of feeling like you won’t have the energy to accomplish anything.  It’s a vicious cycle, really.

While it’s safe to say I probably won’t ever live a totally caffeine-free life, I do try to drink less, and I’m now at a stage where I drink only one strong cup 4-5 times a week.   The thing is, I just genuinely love and appreciate the taste of quality coffee and would drink it multiple times a day just for the flavor alone (my favorite is Verve thanks to my husband who is quite a coffee aficionado).  Sure, I could drink decaf, but can’t find a flavor I like (will gladly take recommendations though) and it just doesn’t do it for me.

Then one day scrolling through Instagram, I saw some woman posted a drink that looked just like a blended coffee and she claimed was an excellent option for those looking to wean off coffee.  It’s called Dandy Blend, and guys, it’s pretty darn good.  I’ve been drinking it for the last year or so, and I’m hooked on this non-caffeinated goodness.  Check the reviews on Amazon if you don’t believe me:

It’s essentially a natural, herbal powder made from a dandelion/chicory root blend.   You simply add the powder to hot or cold (you can even add non-dairy creamer to really kick it up a notch) and stir.   I prefer adding about a half tablespoon for a stronger “coffee-like” flavor.  This isn’t an exact replacement for coffee by any means, but I think it’s really delicious and has a really unique, distinctive flavor with a similar earthiness that embodies coffee.   It’s non-bitter, there are no preservatives or additives of any sort, and it’s suitable for anyone with dietary sensitivities.

If you’re looking to curb your caffeine intake, but aren’t a fan of tea…I highly recommend giving this a shot!



Good luck!


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