Hello!  Thanks for checking out my little corner of the internet.

I love reading and writing about nutrition and wellness, and spreading my passion for (mostly) whole foods and sustainable living.  My favorite past times include traveling, hiking with my husband, lifting weights, and eating copious amounts of sourdough bread.  While I’m  a former vegan certified in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies, I no longer subscribe to any particular “diet”.

Health is a journey–not a destination.   I believe health looks different to everyone, and that our bodies and nutritional requirements change throughout the various stages of life.  How you ate 10 years ago is probably a lot different than how you eat now, and probably much different than how you’ll eat 20 years from now.  I’m a huge proponent of intuitive eating, as well as nourishing our bodies with foods that taste delicious and make us feel awesome!  Cultivating a healthy mindset around food, moving our bodies in a way that brings us joy, and eating foods that we love are all integral elements to finding balance.

Thanks for reading!


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